Cannot hear midi audio when two or more notes are selected

Is it possible to hear two or more notes in midi editor when I select them with the mouse?

It seems like only a single note could be heard at a time. What if I need to hear a specific group of notes - an interval, or a chord?

I know it’s possible to hear everything that happens vertically at that moment, when holding CTRL and clicking on a note, but I need to hear specific notes that are happening at the same time, not everything.

Very strange if this basic midi editing need is not available in a program that is praised for its midi editing, especially when Ableton midi editing always had it.

the ctrl-click is the only thing I know of and I also found it pretty inconvenient.
For some things I keep an open ableton window so I can drag a midi part over for quick editing stuff like midi-stretch (aligning a section manually) or when I want to have playback for selected notes, also step input is still broken on my installation, so I do that also in ableton.

You can’t simply drag it back though, but you can quickly export it to a temp-folder or the desktop and import it back to cubase.
Sounds complicated but is still a massive time saver for me.

Probably not the answer you hoped for, it’s just my personal approach.

Best regards

Thanks Friede for the good suggestion.