Cannot hear music - only metronome beeps

I imported a midi file which I created on my Roland EXR-5. But when I play the file, all I hear is a metronome beep, like the start of a Kraftwerk song… And when I exported the file as an MP3, the file was silent.
I am getting sound, so I presume my devices are set up properly. But I cannot hear the instruments. (I can hear the same file when I play it in VLC player, so the file is OK.)
Any ideas - I am new to CuBase - this is my first time working with it.

What are you using to play the MIDI file?

I’m playing it through my laptop speakers. I did a test with a mic - I recorded audio on a track added to the same midi file - now I still hear the metronome beeps, and the audio track, but no instruments. I’m not fully up on the language, but could it be there are no instruments linked into cubase, so the info in the midi file cannot be converted into music?

You will probably need to connect the midi file to a virtual instrument within cubase, like Halion.

That’s what I thought. I’ sure that’s easy to do - how do you do it?! :confused:

Make an instrument track, select instrument, drag and drop midi file onto instrument track. Then read the getting started manual :laughing: