Cannot hear my play in Cubase LE AI Elements 9

Hello everybody,

I´d appreciate if someone could help me out. I have tried to solve this problem for days now, but in vain. Searching through Internet left me with no answers.

In short: I play electric guitar via Line 6 GX -recording interface and am trying to record it in Cubase. Audio is being recorded, but not without issues.

Aaaand a bit more detailed version:

First problem is that I don´t hear any sound while playing. The sound is being recorded all right, I can see the signal and I can listen to it afterwards. But not while playing. I can circumvent this by creating the sound of my guitar from Line 6 Pod Farm -amp, but in this case the sound of the recording changes for the worse. Also it´s pretty stupid to have to use a second program for this, as Cubase has built-in guitar amps.

Problem number two is that I´d like to listen both my playing and the recorded sound with headphones. I play often during the late evening or even in the night and don´t want to disturb anyone. This is not possible, as Cubase forces the sound out from my speakers, no matter how I tweak both Windows´ and Cubase´s options. And if I plug the headphones into my speakers, all sound disappears and I have to restart whole program to continue doing anything with it. Actually maybe the most frustrating part of this endeauvor is that if I try to change ANY audio settings while Cubase is open, all sound is gone.

Third problem is, that sometimes the sound of the metronome can be heard from the speakers, but the recording from headphones (that in turn must be connected to Line 6 GX if I want them to work at all…). All in all, I´m searching for a solution, where I can:

  1. Hear myself playing while playing.
  2. Get all audio to pass through my headphones and not my speakers.

I cannot even describe how frustrated I am. This is by far the most difficult program setup I´ve ever encountered. I have in the past used Presonus Studio One and had not even close this much issues with it.

Please, if there is someone with the knowhow for a fix or even a link to clear instructions, I´d be much grateful.

Thanks already and have a corona-free spring, everyone!