Cannot hear panning Cubase LE AI elements 7

Hi - I purchased a Steingberg UR44 interface that came with Cubase LE AI Elements 7. I have almost finished my first project when I discover I am unable to pan any of my tracks. I appear to have my device i/o settings correct. When I open the track editor for any given track, I can pan hard right or left and I can see the signal on the screen on the right or left but through my headphones or monitors the sound is still centered. I disabled all of the inserts and still nothing. I have searched for 48 hours on every Steinberg forum and on the internet and I am unable to find a solution. I use an IMAC computer 2.7ghz /16 gig ram.

Please help me. Panning is essential and I cannot figure out what is going wrong.

Sorry didn’t see your PM. Perhaps you’ve solved your problem in the meantime.
However, from your description everything seems to be OK.
When you mention Track Editor I’m assuming you mean the Channel Settings Window.
If you click on the Show Output Chain button “[->” does the output channel meter also vary from side to side as you pan?
I have in the meantime tried to reproduce your problem on AI7 with a UR44 and can’t find a way to make it not pan.
Is it possible you have the channel strip in the UR44 loaded?
Are the HW outputs paired?

For some reason the mail sticks in the outbox…

Hi Brihar -

Thanks of your reply and sorry I took so long to write back. My problem unfortunately still persists. I am unable to pan tracks using Mix 1 on the UR44. You can see the channels panning left and right on the screen in Cubase but the output sound is centered. I’ve had Steinberg USA working on this for going on two weeks now and we still have not come up with a fix. When we connect the UR44 outputs 3/4 and Mix 2 we can pan correctly but outputs 1/2 and Mix 1 refuse to pan. I uploaded Cubase Ai7 with the UR44 on an old PC running Windows 7 and the panning worked correctly so it seems to be a problem with OS X Yosemite & Maverick and Cubase and the UR44. Extremely frustrating. I’m thinking of returning the UR44 but the truth is I really like it. It was easy to set up, sounds great and otherwise works well with Cubase. Sternberg USA has contacted Steinberg Germany to figure out what UR44 or Cubase files are causing this problem with OS X but at the speed they are going I have wasted a lot of precious time. Thanks!


I have exactly the same problem with Macbook Pro OSX 10.10.3
With Roland BR-800 USB or direct mac output, or headphone.
Did you find a solution?

I have a ready mix to deliver. But without pan its not possible…

Best regards, andre