cannot hear playback on one song out of nowhere

i have a track ive been working on for a bit and out of nowhere, i cannot hear any sound from the track anymore. when i open and activate other songs in cubase, i can hear them fine. my output channels are setup the same. and i can toggle the monitor on and off on a few tracks (not all) and it doesnt make a difference. i have no idea why i cannot hear the sound from this track. please help.

Hide (rename) your vstplugins folder and then start Cubase and retry this project.

Is it an instrument track?

Adam, yes, these are all audio files, not midi and all the tracks, instruments, vocals, etc are not playing on the song, but other songs in cuabse with the same settings, play. i assume its something simple that got switched on or off, but not sure what i changed if anything

Grim, will this disable audio on other songs (which are currently working)?

Just rename it add an x to the end or something, try to open the song and see if it has audio then you can close it, rename the folder back as it was and everything will work just like it is now.

If you could get audio in that project with the plugins hidden then we’ll know a plugin is to blame.

C’mon mate, you have just screwed up something. Do investigation. 1001 reason can be. Check your routing, may be you deleted some group or bus and now you sound goes to nowhere.

It’s a computers. There is no “out of nowhere”.

so i found something out that i havent encountered before. but for some reason, each track under the “E” (edit channel settings) has a drop down toolbar where the outputs were turned off on each track.

all the Busses were turned off. i individually turned each back on to Stereo and the sound worked. Not sure how these all got shut off and how they can all be turned back on together, but at least thats a new thing to know about.

Aha…this is just another way to access the routing same as in inspector or from the mixer routing rack.

To do all at once use the mixer routing rack, highlight all tracks and hold down shift/alt while selecting the routing for one of them.