Cannot hear video audio

I cannot hear the audio from the video in Dorico.

I get audio when I input notes, and I have checked the mixer that the video channel is not muted or anything else is soloed.

I double checked the original video file outside of cubase and the audio plays fine in Quicktime.

Any ideas ?

Thanks much again, people!


Please load that project and then choose from Dorico’s main menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Thanks, Ulf.

Here is the zip file
Dorico (1.8 MB)

Be sure your audio sample rates are the same in the video and in Dorico.

Yes, both video file and Audio Device Setup is set to 48k

Hi @UncleSasha , thanks for the diagnostics, but looking through, I don’t find a hint of why it should not work.
Can you please share the corresponding video file? If you don’t want to do it here publicly, you could send it directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Full confidentialtiy guaranteed by me.

Thanks Ulf.
I just built the project from scratch and it works now. I didn’t have any music written yet, so it was no big deal.
I don’ t know what happened, but hopeully I can continue to have the dialog audio until Im done the project.
Thank you !

You’re welcome. Glad to hear you have it running now.