Cannot import Akai program (akp) into Halion6

hi, I have just installed my new Halion 6.
I have tried to import one of my precious AKAI S5000 programs, a simple percussion program, nothing complicated.
Each time I try that I get a crash report and it does not load this program. (akp)
according to the information on the steinberg website Halion 6 can import akp-files. Am I doing something wrong?
I just drop it into the slot rack out of my win explorer - as recommended …
I would have attached my crash dump file, but I get told it is not allowed (it is a HALion 6.log) - sorry

one of the reasons I bought Halion, was to import my precious AKAI-programs.
I hope this works …
thanks and best regards

My setup: Halion6, Cubase pro8, Wavelab pro9, Win8.1-64, Intel i7/8700K, 16GB RAM, 2 x M2 SSD, RME FF802

HALion can only import AKAI-ISO’ s.

hi maggie,
thanks for your note
but let me refer to Steinbergs website of HALion Recourses:
here it is listet that Akai S5000 programs “akp” can be imported …

I am not trying to import from an Akai CD, but from my harddisk and therefor there should be no need to transfer the CD-files into an ISO …

Or am I wrong?
thanks and
best regards

Hi g27,
you’re right it should and it is possible to import “akp” files into HALion 6, at least the smattering of presets, that I can draw on.
I will see if I can get some other “akp” files.
best regards
Gerrit Junge

thanks a lot, Gerrit,
that sound hopeful, I am waiting for further instructions