Cannot "import from CD" - no drives shown

I am trying to import audio from CD but neither of my two CD drives shows up in the “Import Audio from CD” dialog box. These drives work everywhere else.

Is there a setting in Cubase 6 for this (system CD drives) - or some other cause?

BTW - I’m running Cubase 6.0.7 in WinXP SP3

Cubase 6 is not officially compatible with Windows XP. Maybye, this is the problem. Maybye this is the place, where is un-compatibility shows on your machine. Using Cubase 6 on Windows XP is just lottery.

Download winaspi32.dll and put it in your Cubase installation folder.
If that doesn´t work, as Martin says - use a supported OS…

That did it! Thank you. (How did you know?)

PS. There must still be a file missing - everything on that screen works EXCEPT for the play preview - there is no audio.

Preview dpends on your settings (for exmple if control room is used…) try the search function plenty of posts about no “preview”.

Got it! I wasn’t using the “Control Room” (because I couldn’t figure it out).

Learned something new today. Thank you!