Cannot import key commands.

Cubase 7 will not recognize .xml files of key command presets that I have created on other Cubase installs. Solutions?

If you are trying to do so from the “Import Key Command” icon in the Key Commands window, then you are right, it doesn’t actually recognise the .xml files (go figure why! :wink:. I think it is a “leftover” from the days when you could import key commands from the old Cubase VST 5… which had a different format).
So, copy them manually into the corresponding folder for Cubase 7 (app data on PC, or Preferences on Mac).
You should then be able to see them available in the list when you click on the little arrow for “Load Presets”.

Which “Preferences” folder are you referring to on Mac?
I already found the “Presets” folder under “Contents” (command click on Cubase app icon), but putting my key command presets there did not show up on the dialogue for loading the presets (in the program itself).

Ah, under “Go” option shows “Library” which has the preferences folder. I’m putting the .xml in there and I’ll see if it works.



hi, same / similar problem:
After moving my previously saved preset xml file to the key commands folder, I now see the preset when I run Cubase any go to file/key commands/presets.
But when I try selecting it I now get an error message: Preset is invalid
Can anyone help?

Hello trying to import Windows 10 cubase 7 key commands to cubase 10.5 after reading multiple threads there is not a clear way for me to succesfully load key commands, or see it as an option to upload.

Please help clarify this. It is a mess imo

I have tried copying my key commands i made a copy from on cubase 7 when clicking save presets but not one option on forums show which specific exact file to place it in. All messages are very vague and only state to place it in app folder and then steinberg but there are lots of folders to choose from.

sorry if i sound frustrated