Cannot input a time signature on a single staff

With Magic Keyboard attached to iPad I do the following:

  • select Write mode in a piece that has music in a 4/4 Time Signature
  • select an item that belongs to the treble staff only of a solo piano and start the note input caret.
  • Press Shift-M
  • type in 12/8 into the Time Signature popover
  • press Option+Return

Result: the 12/8 Time Signature is created in both Treble and Bass staves of the piano. (Same results when tried with a single staff instrument. The new Time Signature is created in all staves.)

I think that in fact, the Opt key won’t work for individual-staff-notations on the iPad for the same reasons that Cmd-click and Shift-click won’t do selections. I hadn’t yet had a chance to update the manual topics but I’ll try to get that corrected asap. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Quick note to say I’ve reviewed the documentation for notations that have some sort of local/voice-specific option on the desktop, and published an update to the iPad manual accordingly e.g. here for time signatures.