Cannot insert cue

Hi, I’m brand new to Dorico, so may be missing the obvious here. But I’m working on a drum transcription. The tempo is slow, and there are several beats before the drummer enters, so I thought I’d create a dummy piano part, so that I could include a rhythmic piano cue for the drummer so they know when to come in. “Suggest Cues” does exactly what I’d expect and highlights the empty space at the beginning of the drum part in red, but when I select the rests in the drum part and type shift-u nothing comes up as an available cue. A screenshot is more explanatory, I think:

Any ideas what I am doing wrong here?

I believe (but not 100%, as it is late), but there was a discussion a while ago about cues not working on unpitched percussion parts. Something like only pitched to pitched instruments. Like I said I might be incorrect. But if you search for drum cues, you may see more discussion on this topic.


Thank you Robby. I had searched the forum before posting but was searching for the wrong thing — it hadn’t occurred to me I was seeing a problem specific to unpitched percussion, I just thought I was doing something wrong with trying to insert cues in general.

Well, it’s not a big deal. The cue would be useful but the main reason I was trying it was I just wanted to learn how cues work in Dorico.

Thanks for the help.