Cannot install CI2+ USB driver v160 - Resolved


I was wondering if anyone could help. I am trying to install the latest version of the CI2+ TOOLS and every time I try the installation stops with the following message:

“The Wizard was interupted before Yamaha Steinberg USB driver could be completely installed”

I tried my original installation CD and the driver installs successfully. It’s just the new version that doesn’t seem to be working.

I have tried running as administrator, disabling my virus software and can’t think of anything else to get this working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Dell Inspiron Studio 1558
Windows 7 64bit
Intel I5 2.27GHz
Axiom Pro 49 driver version 6.03 with Hypercontrol for Cubase 64-bit 1.16. Firmware V1.21-0503C K:01.01
Cubase Artist 6.05 Build 357 64-bit


Are you using an administrator account? Remember, that the 1.6.0 version is simply an update and the driver on the disc must be installed prior to the update.

Hi, the driver on the disc is installed and working correctly. I am the only user on my laptop and have administrator privilegs and have also ran as administrator to make absolutely sure.

The package extracts, I get to confirm I agree with the licence then it immediately fails with the error below every time.

I notice the filename on the download is “TOOLS_for_CI2_V160_…” for the CI2 and CI2+ downloads. Should CI2+ have a separate install package?

I had exactly that error when installing the USB driver for my cc121 or my MO6, can’t remember which.
I don’t remember the solution, but I got there with some googling. Searching for the error you posted doesn’t really work, did it also come with an error code or something? Try searching for that.

It seems it was a general Windows problem. I managed to resolve by updating the driver manually, the rather long winded solution is below:

Run the install package to the point where you are asked to confirm the licence. Navigate to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\temp (or wherever your temporary directory is) and find the Yamaha USB driver.msi package and take a copy. Using the start menu, goto accessories and right click on command prompt and run as administrator. Enter the command below replacing the filepath with the path to where you saved the .msi package e.g. C:\Yamaha USB d

msiexec /a [Filepath] /qb TARGETDIR=C:\Yamaha

This will extract the .msi package into the Yamaha directory. Now, go into device manager in control panel and find the CI2+ driver listed under Sound, Video and Game controllers. Right click and select “Update Driver Software.” Choose browse and goto the C:\Yamaha\Program files\yamaha\yamaha steinberg USB Driver. The driver will update and install.