Cannot Install Cubase 7.0 and Update to 7.04

Hi Guys,

I tried to update to 7.04 and got the error attached.
It says that cubase 7 is not installed.

Maybe that is because i installed 6.5 after 7.0 ?

I tried to reinstall 7.0 and got the other error in the image. Now i’m stuck… Cannot reinstall 7.0 nor update to 7.04.

Any ideas ?


same problem here…

download the full installer of 7.2 and then load 7.4 and it should run , if you really need to run a reg cleaner then do that first but im sure the 7.2 will get you up and running :wink:

Easiest way to solve the problem:

Rename the folder c:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7 (Cubase 7-xxxxxxx)

Install the Cubase_7_Core_Installer_win.exe (You find it on the download page)

Install Cubase_7.0.4_Update_win.exe

Copy the old plugins folder …\Cubase 7-xxxxxxx\VSTPlugins to the new Cubase 7 folder

Nothing lost, and everything works… :mrgreen: …except all the silly things Steinberg didn’t fix… :wink:

Thanks man!

Gonna try that. Working on a project right now and cannot test !


Good trick. I just installed 7.0.2 full installer, then 7.0.4. Before that backup my preferences, unistalled Cubase 7.0.4 and clean registry. I think performance is better now.