Cannot install cubase 7

Hi guys.
I live in Brazil and just bought cubase 7 in france - upgrade from cubase 6.
I am using cubase 6.5 - upgraded since cubase 3.

The installation crashes with code 1603.
I looked at the forums - all I got is “delete steinberg 7 folder” - which sadly does not exist.

Somebody can help me?

I also didn´t found where are the customer support.
I bought this in france. Shall I contact the brazilian distributor?
He will probably said that he can´t help me, since he did not sell it.

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You should have bought the 6.5 to 7 upgrade not the 6 to 7 upgrade.

Not sure that is your problem though as the install is a separarte 7 install rather than an update…that may lead to further problems when you come to authorise though.(if it was the 6 to 7 not 6.5 to 7 as you say.)

Brazil support:

Yamaha Musical do Brasil LTDA.
Rua Joaquim Floriano,913-CJTO.41/42
SP CNPJ CODE: 43.680.479/0001-67
04534-013 BRAZIL
+55-11-3704-1377 ext. 107

if you have bought the correct update then download the 7.0.2 complete installer , this error code has been seen loads with the original 7.0 install .
Here’s the download link :

But this will only work if you have bought the correct upgrade

good luck

Thanks for the information

It seems that I have bought the “incorrect” upgrade.

I never bought cubase 6.5. I bought cubase 6 and probably was in the grace period.
I think I am entitled to upgrade from 6 to 7 because i have bought originally the 6 version.

1 - I paid for cubase 6
2 - I paid for the upgrade from 6 to 7
3 - It should work! :slight_smile:

I will contact brazilian suport and see what it comes.

But the error will persist, since it´s not an upgrade issue.
I will try also donwloading 7.02.

Many thanks to you all.
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Simply Installing will work even if you have the wrong update. If you can´t install, the problem lies somewhere else…

1 - I paid for cubase 6
2 - I paid for the upgrade from 6 to 7
3 - It should work! > :slight_smile:

I think I am entitled to upgrade from 6 to 7 because i have bought originally the 6 version.

You are entitled to update from C6.5 to 7 because of the grace period (which would have been cheaper too).
Judging by other posts I have seen you will not be able to authorise with the licence key you have as it will look for a C6 licence to update and won’t find it…I would contact support about this asap as they may take a while to get back to you.

But as stated above the install problem is something else you need to fix before you even get to authorisation stage!

I’m going to answer him in Portuguese:


Aparentemente você comprou o upgrade errado ( e mais caro, inclusive). O correto seria o do 6.5 para o 7 e não o do 6 para o 7.

Há dois caminhos:

entrar em contato com a loja que comprou e devolver. Após o problema ser resolvido você compra o upgrade online mesmo, na Steinberg shop (como eu fiz).

Outro é entrar em contato com o suporte e ver se eles te enviam um serial do 7. A informação de contato já foi postada no tópico. Caso precise eu tenho os telefones de um representante da Steinberg Brasil, que pode te ajudar também. Entre em contato via MP se desejar essa informação.

Boa sorte!

Thanks, makumbaria!

I already spoke with Mr andré from yamaha Brasil. He said that he will send an email to germany to see if someone could solve the problem.


Eu já falei com um cara da yamaha do Brasil e ele disse que vai tentar falar com alguem da alemanha, mas não senti muita firmeza no cara. E também enviei um email para a loja. Obviamente eu não percebi que existia um upgrade do 6.5 para o 7… foi burrice não olhar no site antes, mas eu estava viajando, bem :slight_smile:

Vamos ver.
de qualquer forma, obrigado.

Se voce puder me passa ro tel do cara da setinberg no Brasil acho que ajuda, sim, porque o cara da yamaha disse que ele mesmo nada pode fazer.


I had cubase 6.5 running smoothly in… windows xp 32 bit.

The 7.02 installer does not run in windows xp.

I looked at the specs and officially it says thatthe MINIMUM requirements for cubase 7 are windows 7.

HOWEVER, the installer from 7.02 asks for Windows Vista or greater.

After all, what are the minimum specs? I have more than 300 plugins installed at that machine :frowning:

Is there another thread who says something about this?

I did a search for windows xp at the forum: the result query is “The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words: windows xp.
You must specify at least one word to search for. Each word must consist of at least 3 characters and must not contain more than 14 characters excluding wildcards.”


Best regards to you all


P.S. Ok, ok, it´s not 300 but you got the picture :slight_smile:

Official Sytem requirement for Cubase 7 is Windows 7 or 8

It was common knowledge that it wouldn’t work like in November. It was also common knowledge that 6.0 and 6.5 wasn’t supported in XP even though it appeared to function fine. You’re not getting it… It has nothing to do with how fast your machine is under XP…it has to do with how the application was written in the OS code(s) it was written for.

Well… thank you, that´s the info I needed. Windows 7 it is, then.



I bought a new workstation that came with Windows 7 just so I could use Cubase 7 and all the other great music apps that require it, not to mention the added benefits of a 64 bit OS, increased RAM and processing power.