Cannot install cubase 9 AI from steinberg ur22mkii interface registration.

I have a pretty complicated and really unfun to deal with problem that i don’t think can be solved.

I bought the ur22mkii audio interface a bit ago, partially just for the cubase 9 AI program. Recently i reset my computer since it was getting pretty slow and i went to reinstall cubase and i encountered problems. I found the disk with the driver for the interface on it and installed that, but when i went to install the software i couldn’t find the book that came with the activation and access codes. I searched everywhere but i don’t know where they are. I already have the hardware registered on mysteinberg, but i can’t find the codes i need. Is there a way to either retrieve the codes or download cubase without them without pirating?


You don’t need the original activation code anymore. You have to go the the process of Reactivation (search on Steering support, please).

When i go to reactivate it there is no e-license to select. I tried installing and running the e-license helper and it gave me a new e-license serial number and i registered that number but it still doesn’t come up when i try to reactivate it. Under eLicensers it is the only e-License there and it says “No products found on this eLicenser”. But it still says product registered under hardware.

SO it sounds like you didn’t register your old elicenser. Did you try this:

Only registered licenses can be reactivated!
If you cannot find the license you need to reactivate please click on the button [Register eLicenser / Software] on the top left, to register your software.
Among others, you can apply the already used activation code for registering a license.

I don’t have the used access code or activation code, as i said in the question.

I think you’ll just have to wait for Steinberg support in that case.

I use Windows 10 PC. I can get the E-License and Activation Code to bring up the program. My problem is if I close the program, when I try to open it again I am getting “No Valid License Found”. Support Center just keeps giving me Activation Codes but with same result each time.