cannot install cubase AI 7

Hi all after 6 attempts of downloading the AI 7 free download that has come with the cmc six pack I purchased im feeling a little down, I cannot get the zipped file to start installing AI7 to my machine as it seems to come up with Either multipart or corrupt ZIP archive.
just to add this machine has no earlier versions of cubase on it at all and is a windows 7 64 bit machine I have searched all the forums i can find and have noticed that a few other people have had to download it a few times to get it to work but 6 times is starting to take the michael you might think, i have run the microsoft tool that was suggested in another thread here to find any possible installation issues with this machine and it turned up nothing.
the cmc gear will not run on my older version of cubase and im not updating it because its solid as it is and i have productions on it that im not willing to sacrafice, I bought these new controllers on the pretense that I would go to full cubase 7 once i had tried them on the AI7 provided free with them. doesnt seem to be working out that way and since no support team will be back at steinberg till Jan 6th 2014 im hoping those that had problems downloading and installing AI 6/7 could go into a little more detail of the issues they came up against.

Not that this will help.but, I’m having an issue with the AI 6 disc that came with the UR28M. It will not open on the computer…Window 7 64 bit…The driver disc for the UR28M loaded fine…Could it be because a version of LE 5 is installed on the computer also??? I hope you get your issue resolved…