Cannot install Halion 5.1 Update


when trying to update to version 5.1, i have this error message :


Jette un œil ici (Give a look here) :

same probleme here :imp:

already tried !

but same error when trying to desinstall !

i ve upgraded from sonic 2 to halion 5 , maybe the problem is related to this.

Solved !

For those who had problems installing the update :

  • export below registry keys
  • delete them including sub keys
  • reinstall halion 5 32 & / or 64 bits directly with the “.msi” file
  • update with 5.1 directly with “.msi” file (you have to unzip the exe update from steinberg)

i recommend beginning with 32 bits, copying vst2/vst3 files in your desired folder, and then 64 bits version

32 bits version :


64 bits version :



I just had this problem when i ran the download from my archive folders, which have a few subfolders.

I ran the 5.11 update download and extracted it to C:temp and then it worked. I think my archive path had too many characters so C:\temp is much shorter, and maybe steinberg just like C: !

Having a similar problem, but on a Mac.

I just purchased an upgrade from HALion 4 to HALion 5.

After downloading and mounting the disk image, when I try to install it by opening HALion 5.pkg (7/4/2013), I get the following message:

“wrong Mac OS X Version” / “you need at least OS X 10.6.0 to install this software”

I am running Mac OS 10.11.1 (15B42).

I understand that there are known issues with running Steinberg products on OSX 11. However, I would not think that this would mean that I could install an upgrade I just purchased.

btw, I am also unable to get the installation started using Start

thanks in advance for any help!