Cannot install Tools v2 - component selection does not work

HI guys, i need your help.

I downloaded the lastest versions of TOOLS (v2) on my Windows 11 machine, I am logged in as Admin, when i click the setup.exe file and try to install the software all the components appears in gray and i am not able to select them so I cannot continue with installation.

Any ideas why this could be hapenning?

none of the components can be selected in the below sreenshot:

Probably you already have the components installed. If so, use the Windows Control Panel ( Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features ) to uninstall, then try again.

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thank you - yes they were installed with strange names ,and Windows 11 hides them well …

Dear friends! I’m in an reinstallation of all my production stuff to new SSD M2 disc and faced with such problem: TOOLS_for_URC_V200_Win that I’ve download from Support, looks inactive when I try to install. I’ve installed USB driver and Cubase can see Control Panel, but no mixer. I did it some times before and have another instance of Cubase and full mixer
on another disc, but I can’t do it again. I need some useful advise!