Cannot load a Cubase 7 session after removing Automap

Hi all,

Has anyone successfully uninstalled Novation’s Automap software and still been able to load Cubase 7 or 7.5 projects that had automapped plugins in them?

I was experiencing massive cpu peaks in Cubase 7.5 with Automap installed. I’m running Cubase 7.5.2 64bit on Windows 7 Pro 64bit. The peaks I was getting were enough to cause audio dropouts. I was even getting them with Cubase in stop mode, which suggested that something running in the background was the cause. I ran the DPC latency checker which showed that the peaks were not related to my pc hardware. I did not have this problem with Cubase 6.

The only thing running in the background was Novation’s Automap software. So I uninstalled that and the peaks stopped. Great! But removing Automap caused another problem. Songs that were saved in Cubase 7 or 7.5 that had Automapped plugins will not load since it was removed. I either get the “a serious problem has occurred” message, or Cubase completely dissappears from the screen during the loading procedure.

By contrast, Cubase 6 sessions with wrapped plugins are able to load up no problem. Any wrapped plugins revert to the unwrapped version, with all song settings intact. These C6 session also load up into C7 and C7.5 without problem. Something has changed in Cubase 7 with the way it interacts with Automap. It seems that once a C7 song has been started with automapped plugins, you can’t go back.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and/or found a solution?

i often wander if we need Automap anymore with the quick controls features of Cubase 7…arent they the same thing but the latter is built-in to Cubase already?

Check your VST folder to see if the .dll automap files are still there. If so replace them with the non-automapped dll’s.

EDIT - Sorry I just re-read your post. Looks like you did this.

OKay, after a few days of testing, I have traced the issue to some kind of interaction between Cubase 7, Automap and the Sonnox Elite Bundle of plugins.

I rolled my pc back to the point before I uninstalled Automap. With Automap on again, the songs are loading. By unticking my plugins one at a time in the Automap server, and then loading one of the songs in question, I found that whenever one of the Sonnox plugins were not under Automap control, the song would not load.

It looks like Cubase is having trouble loading a Sonnox preset that was saved within a ‘wrapped’ version of the plugin into an ‘unwrapped’ Sonnox plugin. Not sure if it’s a Steinberg, Novation or Sonnox issue.

If any other peeps out there are using the Sonnox plugins I’d be curious to know if you can replicate this.

  1. Create a blank Cubase 7 song with Automap on. Add one audio track. Insert an Automapped Sonnox plugin.
  2. Make some random settings on the Sonnox and save it as a preset, using the Sonnox onboard preset manager buttons.
  3. Quit the song. Quit Cubase.
  4. Go into the Automap server and ‘untick’ that Sonnox plugin from Automap control.
  5. Relaunch Cubase and open the song again. Does it load, or does Cubase have “a serious problem”.


There was a post on the Novation forum stating that if you uninstall automap then you will have problems opening those projects that had the Automap wrapped plugins , it was over a year ago it was posted

Thanks d-_-b

I just received confirmation from Sonnox that they do not support the use of Automap wrapping for Sonnox software. It apparently interferes with some aspects of copy-protection.

Presets created by the wrapped plug-in won’t appear to come from a Sonnox plug-in. All the saved parameters will appear to come from an unrecognisable source. The consequences of this are what I have been experiencing.

Lesson learned…the hard way.