Cannot load a project in Cubase 7

I have an issue with 1 project in Cubase 7.0.7 64-bit

I used it (opened, played back, make edits and added a new track) on Sunday. I then saved and closed down the project.

Now when I try to open it, it hangs during (see image attached). The attached image shows the following message:

Loading Channel: Electric Drums

I’m fairly sure this channel uses the BFD3 plugin.

I have tried other projects, they load and play back as expected, including those which use this plug in.

When I get the ‘hang’, task manager shows that Cubase 7 is not responding

Cubase memory usage (Private working set) is 4gb. I’m not sure if Cubase is hanging because of the plugin or because it has hit 4GB …

Windows 7 64 bit, all drivers up to date, MOTU sound card, 16GB RAM, i7-3770K CPU

What can I do?

I would suggest removing the BFD plugin from it’s current location and placing it somewhere else. Then see if you can load the project. If you can, I would suggest removing the “missing” plugin from the project. Then close Cubase, put BFD back, reopen Cubase and reopen the project.

Hi Chris

I was also in chats with Jan at tech support.

I tried removing all the plugins from Plugin-device information. This was a mistake as it reset my project… I had a back up any way.

But by doing so allowed the project to load.

I now restored back to as it was, and the same issue persists. I then followed your suggestion and simply renamed BFD3.dll to BFD3.dllXXX

I can load the project fine and also note Cubase uses >6GB (which is expected).

So, we know what the issue is, but do you know how to fix it? I know the version of BFD3 is 64bit… Seems like a memory issue but not sure what the next step is?

Is the version of BFD in Program Files or Program Files (x86)?

I would suggest using the Freeze function to lighten the memory that is in use in the project. What other VST plugins do you have loaded?

I would suggest freezing until you are using less than 3GB of active memory use in the project, then save the project with a new name. Shut down Cubase, rename BFD to allow it to be seen, restart Cubase.