Cannot Load Piano Models! :(


I just bought the Grand 3, and installed it under an administrator account. It took for freakin’ ever (20 minutes for each piano) and now I can’t load the models or find them where they should be in Explorer.

I saw an article regarding this and the folder it specifies as where the models were installed simply does not exist where it should. I don’t want to re install, and my HD is 12GB from full, so I know they are somewhere! Can someone help me with this ASAP? Thanks!

Did you install for all users, or just one user?
Did you change the directories for install?

You can always do a computer-wide search for “The Grand”. That should tell you where stuff is.
You might be able to do a repair install, if indeed the files are missing.

Is this the article you found?

Thanks for responding!

I used all the default settings, including paths, users, everything. The administrator acct. is able to highlight the models and “find” them, but I only got one model to play…and only for a while.

Yes. I’ve been searching for that Preferences file that contains the samples, but I can’t quite find it. If it is on my HD somewhere, I don’t want to do a reinstallation. I’m sure you understand. :neutral_face:

Looking around, I see that my HD was in the red zone with 0% available after the installation. (I forgot to check how much memory I had.) But you would think there would be some kind of error or notice. What freaks me out is that I was able to load one of the Grand models on the administrator acct. and that the accts. behave differently. I still can’t find any samples under my Prog files, documents, anywhere. :frowning:

I do.

I popped my “The Grand 3” DVD in my drive to see what the default setting was for the users.
“Install for all users” is not checked. Therefore, your install probably installed to the admin account’s user profile,

which explains that.

However, it doesn’t explain


If you ran out of hard drive space, both Windows and the installer should have screamed. The installer should scream before installation starts.

Not really differently from an administrator level account.
It sounds like what happened is that it installed into the admin’s user profile, thus rendering the files inaccessible (or even discoverable) to other accounts.

You could try moving them to a common directory (from the admin account).
Other than that, I don’t know.


I found the customize button on the installation disc. I’ll uninstall then re install for all users, after I clear my HD out a bit more.

I uninstalled and installed again with the above activated. I’m now a happy camper! Thanks Shinta. :wink: