Cannot Load Samples into Media Bay

Hi Folks. I have some sample libraries, some like the GA SE Library (in Cubase) or Klanghaus (bought from Steinberg) are showing in the new media bay to the right of the project window and these play in the media bay and load to projects easily. However a couple of sample CDs of ethnic sounds which I have (as WAV files in folders) will not play in the media bay.These are on the same external hard disk that I save my .cpr projects to. The sounds are there - I can see the preset names but the play button does nothing. On the previous media bay in 8.5 I could see the folders of sounds on the file menu and all I needed to do to activate them was to tick a couple of boxes, the boxes would go red and then the sounds would load into the media bay, but I cannot figure out how to do that in pro 9. Can anyone help with this?

Hi and welcome,

Make sure, you have Control Room enabled, and Monitor 1 is present as a bud in the VST Connections > Studio. The output of MediaBay Preview is routed via this Monitor 1 bus.

If some your files are audible, and other files are not, can you see the waveform of the selected (non-audible) file in the MediaBay? Can you see the cursor while playback in MediaBay?

Hi Martin, Control room is enabled and monitor 1 is present in the VST connections. All files that are listed in the ‘Loops and samples’ section are there. (GA SE Library, Klanghaus etc) but I have some sample CDs saved to my external disk which will not load. If I search in the media bay under ‘Indian’ the names of files (.WAV) from this disk show up in results but the waveforms are not there and they will not play. On 8.5 Pro I could just tick and un tick the files and they would load but although I can see the names they will not play.

What file types are these? Wav, MP3,…?

They are WAV files and they are in a folder on the external hard disk.

OK - sorry to answer my own question but in case you’re interested; it seems I have to load them the old way by calling up the media bay from the file menu. Then making them active in that window and then they appear in the media bay list in the project window. I cannot find a way of getting the folders of samples [apart from one purchased from Steinberg] into the new media bay to the right of the project window.