Cannot load standard plugin

Here’s my issue: I recently noticed that I was not able to find the standard VST3 Compressor plugin when trying to use it as an insert effect. Looking into the plugin information sub menu i found that it was for some reason disabled. Originally, I could switch it on again (it was visible then in the dropdown list) and used it in two instances in my project.

Today when I re-loaded the project and wanted to use the standard Compressor for a third time, it was again not visible AND I could not switch it on again in the plug-in information window. So, what’s wrong here?

Some info:

  • I am using Cubase 6.5.0 64bit on Win7 64bit
  • the file Cubase-Plugin Set.vst3 exists under th VST3 path (all other standard plugins work)
  • under another VST2 path a free compressor plugin with the plugin same name exists.

Any ideas appreciated.


Hm. Is the track actually selected - as in ‘blacked out’?

Yes, the track is selected, enabled, and not switched off. The issue happens on all audio, VST instrument tracks, FX, and Group tracks in all insert and send fx positions.

I should add that the plugin information window shows the VST3 Compressor plugin disabled (the checkmark icon not shown) and you cannot switch it on by clicking on it in the left column (but this works with all other plugins).

I also noticed that two Monologue instances do no longer produce any sound on that particular project. Reloading the VST instrument corrects this but something is anyway fishy with this project now. :frowning:

Some more clarification: I no longer think that the naming conflict between an old VST2 Compressor plugin and the standard VST3 Dynamics/Compressor plugin has anything to do with it. I saw no changes in behaviour once I removed the old plugin - the standard Compressor still remained unselectable although being used in two instances already in the project.

Deleting the “other” plugin only might not be enough. You should also delete (or rename) the files with the Cubase preferences, so that Cubase really re-scans (and re-organizes) all plugins.
(Can’t tell you the exact procedure from memory; but it is described on the Steinberberg homepage)


Meanwhile, I actually found another way to overcome the issue. It went like this:

  • I closed the affected project w/o closing Cubase.
  • Now I was able to reenable the VST3 compressor in the plugin info window.
  • I reopened the project, and bingo, the VST3 compressor was back and available in all fx slots.

Would still like to know the root cause and a consistent way to avoid this.

Help - it’s been a while that this happened but now I have this mess:

I was working on a project with several channels side-chain compressed with the standard Compressor plugin. Out of nowhere suddenly the respective insert slots in the channel window still show the plugin name but do not react to any mouse input, i.e. I cannot open them, and when I try to enable/disable them they grey out indefinetely.

What the hell is wrong here? I do not recall any specific action that might have triggered this.

Anyone also seen this bug?

Not everything you don´t understand is a bug…

So do you understand it? Tell me… :slight_smile:

Hard to tell from your description, but my guess would be “constrain delay compensation” is enabled…