Cannot load TASCAM as a device

Cubase LE 5 came bundled with my TASCAM US-800 interface. I’m using the latest TASCAM driver on a Windows 7 laptop. When I go to “Devices–> Device Setup–> VST Audiosystem” and select the US-800 ASIO Driver, Cubase gives the following error message:

US-800ASIO Open Fails

Make sure it’s not selected for OS sounds. Some device’s drivers aren’t multi-client.

Thanks. I think you’re right. Windows load this automatically upon startup and places the application in the taskbar.

I’ve been trying to fix this for days. All help would be appreciated. I disabled the US 800 driver in windows and rebooted. Still can’t select this driver in Cubase. Any other ideas?

You don’t give complete system specs so anything would only be guesses.