Cannot Locate Impulse Response File

Every time i load the new Bass VST in CP8 i get a prompt saying it cannot locate the reverb impulse response file.
Also getting the same prompt for the VST Amp Rack.

I have just completed a clean install & i am still getting this prompt :cry:

Any ideas? This is frustrating as this these were 2 features that sold it to me

Screenshot attached of the prompt

I’ve got the same problem. A similar popup appears with the REVerence reverb.
For example, when I try to load the Wooden church preset, it says:cannot locate impulse response file: wooden church.wav
I updated and tried reinstalling, searched for the wave-file in all kind of folders but the problem is still there.
Anyone a solution?
(I’m using Cubase pro8.05 on mac pro)

Problem solved!!
Login to My Steinberg on the Steinberg-site, my products and than select downloads.
Download and instal the file. (about 9GB)
I didn’t uninstall anything and didn’t select the possibility: Update.
After installing this file, version 8.05 is still there and REVerence, Bass amp, VST-rack en Halion Sonic se are working fine. :smiley:

Same issue here. I reinstalled Cubase 8.5 after reformatting my hard disk. This message pops up when I load the VST amp rack or the VST Bass amp.
I came to this forum for a solution. I reinstalled Cubase 8.5 as per your solution. I even made the update to 8.5.2.

I still get the error message. Perhaps I should contact tech support.

I reinstalled the program but the problem persisted.

THEN, I deleted the shortcut and created a new one from the reinstalled program. That, for some reason, did the trick!

Not sure if this is a r4al solution but it worked for me.

Thanks to those who responded.


I just installed essential 10 and i have the same problem i reinstalled does not work at all. Is it possible to find the impulse and place it in the good folder?

Same problem here with Cubase Pro 10 and Windows 10