Cannot locate Impulse Response Files

Hello there,

Unfortunately I had to reinstall everything.
I have an

  • original DVD with Cubase 4.5
  • Original DVD with Cubase 6.5 - update DVD

Initially I installed from the 6.5 update DVD

and i realized I was missing my Impulse Response Files for my Reverence Reverb.
This is the message I get: Cannot locate Impulse Response File: Plate at2sec.wav

After that, I read on the forum i have to use a FULL complete latest DVD and I just downloaded Cubase 7.5 full DVD ISO from HERE

I uninstalled ALL Steinberg components from windos remove programs and reintalled from the full 7.5 DVD
still nothing…

this time I am missing also some of the presets files - FCP_SMT_076_HSSE_Artist_Instrument_Presets_01.vstsound

which I have on both C (drive and also in my) D drive as a backup. when asked to point to the file, nothing happens…

what am I doing wrong?
It’s been 3-4 hours since trying to fix this… i read on many forums including here no one seem to have a good answer to this.

please advise,

I have Uninstalled AGAIN… ;(

installed from the full virtual downloadable DVD 7.5.

Now i get the following message:
" VST Sound Library Halion Sonic SE Pro Instrument Factory presets 01 not found:
C:\Users\ computer name\ APP Data \ Roaming \ Steinberg \ Content \ VST Sound \ FCP_SMT_076_HSSE_Artist_Instrument_Presets_01.vstsound "

I hit locate… i copied the file to the above link - i hit ok and I get the same mesage all over again.
IF I hit Ignore get another message:

" VST Sound Library Halion Sonic SE Pro Instrument Factory presets 01 not found:
C:\Users\ computer name\ APP Data \ Roaming \ Steinberg \ Content \ VST Sound \ FCP_SMT_077_HSSE_Pro_Instrument_Presets_01.vstsound

The bad part is that I have copied the files to that location and I still get the same errors…
There must be something to be done.

please help,

anybody, pls?

I need to get this done somehow…

Can someone at least tell me which is the FULL / best / stable Cubase installation KIT that works?

I want to download a full DVD installation kit and upgrade from there - maybe…
I have windows 7 64 bit


I have same problem everytime installing from stainberg downloadable full installer (but not have the problem when installing from the original dvd)

I found this solution that worked for me:

Mount the installer, browse to folder … \Additional Content\VST Sound
and right click on Reverence_Content_01.msi and install it

that’s it :slight_smile:

Another update…

it looks like nobody is here when you need them… ;(

  1. I uninstalled everything form Steinberg… -

  2. I manually deleted ALL registries in REG edit that said steinberg…

  3. I installed Cubase 4 form original purchased CD… working great

  4. installed all Cubase 4 updates - working

INSTALLED CUBASE 4 64BITI Setup_Cubase_4.1.0_64bit.exe
INSTALLED CUBASE 4.5 UPDATE 64 BITI Cubase_4.5.2.274_Patch_64bit.msp

  1. updating to Cubase 6 from purchased DVD - working great including Reverence plugs

  2. Update Halion Sonic Se 1.6.3 64bit Update

  3. INSTALL Cubase_6.5.5_Update_win.exe Cubase 6.5.5 64bit Update June 24 2013

  4. Halion Sonic Se 4.6.0 64bit Update

  5. Instal Cubase 7.50 64bit Nov 2013 missing halion factory presets - AGAIN…

The error reads:
VST SOUND Library “HalionSonic SE Artist Instrument Factory Presets 01” not found.
C:users\compName\AppData\Roaming \Steinberg\Content\VstSound\FCP_SMT_076_HSSE_Artist_Instrument_Preset_01.vstsound

IF i hit LOCATE i can see the files in that exact location where the software wants it… i select it and noting happens i still see the same error…

IF i hit ignore it moves to another file and the same things happens…

For this I used -

Cubase 7.5 - Complete Installation
The ISO images here contain all data necessary for a complete offline installation.
A valid Cubase 7.5 license is required to use the installation!

SO can Steinberg OFFER me a good CD-DVD instalation KIT so I don’t lose 3 days trying to install a simple piece of software???

I got work to do… and some projects were done in cubase 7.5 and I can’t open them in Cubase 6 nor Cubase 4…

Not so pleased anymore since i can’t seem to find any support whatsoever…


I tried to close the Cubase 7.5 and reopen CUBASE 6.5 - I was MAD to see that now CUBASE 6.5 which WAS perfectly working… is NOW corrupted with the same problem as well…

come some one answer me and give me a solution… I know is vacation for some of you but at least one guy should be here helping out.

DO you uninstall first?
Repair? i get 3 options… please advise…
Thanks a lot…

I din’'t uninstall anything
I don’t remember repair or install, but I would try first repair

option 1. repair - doesn’t not solve the problem

option 2 - I uninstalled I restarted I installed again… - right click on Reverence_Content_01.msi and install it
still the same error …

// to moderator: thank you

Ok, lets start from begining

I installed on Windows 7 64bit from scratch in the following order:

  • everything is downloaded from stainberg download page, exept HALion Sonic Trial (from my trial DVD’s)
  • every .exe I’m starting not with double click, but with right click option and “Run as Administartor

01 45199_DVD9_Cubase_7.5_GBDFIEJ.iso
02 45201_DVD5_HALSonic_SE_Content_2.iso
03 Cubase_7.5.30_Update_win.exe
04a HALion Sonic Trial.iso
04b HALion Sonic Trial Disk2.iso
// here I start Cubase for first time and realise that Reverence doesn’d work, so I installed it manually in the way I wrote you above
06 HALion_Sonic_1.6.3_Update_win.exe

this is not working either…

running programs as ADMIN - does not fix anything… either.

other people have the same issue YET mine is not a license problem …

How come everybody at Steinberg has a vacation and such a big WWC cannot have 24/7 support for its “precious” customers?

My question is… why do we pay for original software IF we get NO support when we need it?

hi again.
see if this will work for you : Steinberg Forums

Hello there,
Thanks a lot I will look into this as well…

I have uninstalled ALL Cubases AGAIN… and did a restore system to a previous step to have a clean Install …

NOW I am a little pissed off… with the so called support…

I am now having this problem with Cubase Artist 6. It’s been working fine for years until yesterday. The Ultimate Outsider solution doesn’t work. Windows 10 doesn’t recognize the installer file as valid.

The link, provided above, does not exist: Steinberg Forums … 58#p217558