Cannot locate missing impulse response file LA Studio.wav

Hello all! I sent the text below to the support, but for faster resolution, can any of You partners help me with this? That will be so appreciated. Thank You in advance!

Hello there, dear Steinberg folks and thank You for Cubase.

I had to reinstall my PC and now after installing Cubase 8.5.30 x64 and configuring the plugins etc. that I have, then after initial start-up of Cubase TEMPLATE PROJECT.cpr (that is the template project, that I have configured earlier but can’t remember the Cubase version exactly that it was done with - except that it was version x64 Pro 8.X.X.) it tells me that “Cannot locate missing impulse response file LA Studio.wav”.

I tried to search all of my BACKUP-files - meaning that I DO have EVERYTHING saved from the previous Windows installation AND data, but I was unable to find any .WAV file with that name.

Also after pressing CANCEL on the “Locate the file” pop-up window, it also nags about concurrent missing Response files and it seems to have everything to do with REVerence. I don’t really understand that what is wrong here.

It might have something to do with that Project Template file having been created with earlier Cubase versions. Actually I’m not even sure if it was with versions 8.X.X or v. 7 or even v. 6. The date of that Template file or folder might have changed due to moving files/folders etc. I just cannot remember.

Thank You!