Cannot log into MySteinberg and other problems

Kafka nightmare.

A :

I want to log in to get a support ticket for an issue they don’t even want to report in the Issue section, but neither my username nor my email is accepted by the login system anymore.

Moderator help needed :cry:

I already spent 15 minutes reporting in the first place, and 15 more for this topic so if it’s not the right place for this, really, i have work to do. :imp:

B :

Meanwhile, the refuse to take a look at a possible issue because i still wait to update to 8.0.20 because of their well known habits of releasing less than working updates. Kafka craziness again. I’ve read the release notes for 8.0.20 and it doesn’t appear they fixed my issue, so…

Win 7 x64, Cubase 8.0.10

1 - Project > Add Track > Using Track Preset
2 - Choose your preset
3 - Nothing happens. Nothing.

4 - Add a track
5 - Right-click on Track > Load Track Preset
6 - Choose your preset
7 - Preset loaded

How is it going for you ?

Working fine here in 8.0.20.


Also works fine for me with 8.0.20.

Jim B

Working fine here. 8.0.20

on 8.0.20 just tested and it works

Arrrr, so i’ll update then.

Ok, now it’s gonna be dirty. :imp:

HELLO STEINBERG ! First thing is I CANT LOG INTO MY ACCOUNT, meaning i cant tell you i cant log. I already wrote this topic a week ago and you still didn’t try to help.

Plus, i have updated to 8.0.20, tested it and it still doesn’t work

As you can see in this capture

So this IS an issue.