Cannot make the create key commands for playback work

I find the create key commands function doesn´t work for me. I´m on mac 10.11.6. I can save the new key command, but it doesn´t get activated. Don´t know if I´ve missed something. I go to preferences<key commands<play<move playhead to start of flow and save = nothing happens when I try to use it!

It seems to me that also the playback functions are really rudimentary at this stage and actually doesnt work satisfactory at all, I am afraid. That is why I needed to change the key commands for playback. Sometime for instance the spacebar stops the playback, sometime it starts by itself after some seconds and just wont stop!. All bananas to me. I am afraid more work is needed there. Basic playback shouldn´t be a problem in Dorico. The micro transport panel in the right upper corner is very akward, at least one should be able to choose wich functions to have there, and the transport panel must be have a button to lock it to be in the front, otherwise it hides as soon as you do anything at all and becomes useless. You also ought to have options here on which buttons to have there (like in wavelab!)
Also when I add an instrument (I was using a guitar and added a cello - it doesnt make a sound at all = lots of problems there. But we all pray you will make it so that we can be liberated from the prison cells of Avid and the current Sibelius,
/ Frans Mossberg

Hopefully you will find that the handling of the key commands for playback will be improved in the forthcoming 1.0.10 update. Certainly you will find that the pop-up Transport will correctly stay in front of the project window.

If you have problems with Dorico not loading sounds for some instruments, try choosing Play > Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments, which might well solve the problem.

Thanks Daniel! We sure look forward to the update… / Frans