Cannot Manually Edit Tempo Track In Play Mode in Dorico 4

In 3.5, I’m able to “draw” tempo changes with the pencil and line tools. There seems to be no way to access this interface in 4.0. I’ve been clicking around and I cannot find the UI where I can draw my subtle tempo fluctuations.

I saw the video here. Around 3:10, he mentions that “there is much more to come…such as an editable tempo profile and a percussion editor”.

This seems to imply that fine-grained (as opposed to tempo markings on the score) tempo editing has been disabled or simply unavailable in Dorico 4.0, and that we’d have to wait for the next version (and pay for it) for the new “editable tempo profile”. I sure hope this isn’t the case.

Is there a new approach to edit such tempo changes in Dorico 4+?

Correct, that will be added back in due time (not too distant future is my impression), in a dot release.

You won’t have to pay for it! People are so cynical these days. :smiley:

There are a couple of things that are not currently included in the new, rebuilt Play mode, and tempo editing is one of them, but it will be back as soon as possible, and certainly in a free update to Dorico 4.

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To quote on page 11 of the D4 version history:
"Further editors. Play mode in Dorico 3.5 and earlier versions included a few other editors that are not yet included in Dorico 4, including the tempo editor and the drum editor. We are sorry that these editors are not included in the initial release of Dorico 4, but they will return in new and improved form in a future free maintenance update. In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by their absence.

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Very odd, this behavior; in the previous versions one could drag the bottom in the lower left corner of the Tempo lane in Play mode (so the lane would become much larger) and draw a line for a rallentando f.e., which was more to your personal taste than the pre-programmed way Dorico handled it. Currently I’m writing an excercise which has ‘molto rall.’ at the end, but Dorico doesn’t make much of a rallentando. In the past this was no problem as I would draw a new line, or drag the one by Dorico, but this can’t be done now, or am I incorrect?
Would love to hear it is possible, without having to much hassle like reverting to 3.5 or having to import it into a DAW only for a temporary tempo change.

(I’ve moved your post to this more relevant thread, @Menno_Bosgra. Sorry for the inconvenience of the missing tempo editor in Dorico 4’s new Play mode: it will be added back as soon as possible.)

Thanks Daniel, no problem. Your support is great, I’m sure this issue will be addressed in the near future.