Cannot master in WL anymore, tracks are way too loud


I have mastered a ton of tracks in WL without any issue but for some reason and all of a sudden, every track I import is way too loud and clipping all the time.
I have no idea what I did change by mistake, I have checked everything, reset the settings… nothing.
It seems that WL adds the master channel level to the track which doubles the loudness, if that makes any sense…

I´m sure it is something very trivial but am not able to find it at the moment…
Thank you

More details might be needed.
Do you mean that the imported audio is clipping in the waveform display?

What do you mean by ‘Master Channel Level’? Are you referring to the master section Master Level faders? or the montage Inspector Output fader? Both of these will have an effect upon the loudness, as does the Inspector Clip and Track Gain faders. But none of these will affect the loudness if they are set to 0dB unity gain. Presumably you have already checked these.

Do you have any effects / processors inserted in the signal path?

Some screen shots of what you have going on might help. My first guess would be that something unexpected is in the Master Section and active, boosting the level on rendering and/or playback of your intended audio.

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The imported audio is not clipping in the waveform, it is just double as loud as if I insert it in another DAW. I don´t know how to explain it better but I think it must be something with the master channel section, yes. When I smart-bypass it and listen to the original file, everything seems to be fine.
The issue is always present, with and without any effects / vsts in the master section slots. And in ANY project type (audio montage, etc…)

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You could also try checking the Master section Speaker configuration Gain control.

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It sounds like you’re using the Master Section to process audio, and then not choosing the option to bypass the Master Section on the resulting audio file.

Without doing that, the audio is indeed going through the master section processing again, which would explain why it’s too loud.

In the lower right corner, just to the left of the STAR, there is an option that flashes when enabled that I think you would want to be flashing/on so that your rendered audio doesn’t pass through your mastering section processing again. With the right setting before rendering, this option is enabled automatically.

Ditto what Justin @Justin_Perkins said… but then again you did say that the issue happens both ‘with and without any effects / vsts in the master section slots’.

Yes, exactly. What Justin postet is already checked here and affects only the rendered audio I suppose. But the issue is in real-time as soon a

s I start the playback. I will post a screenshot…

Are you sure you don’t have a plugin inadvertently inserted in the Final Effects / Dithering or Playback Processing sections of the Master section? or perhaps hidden somewhere in the Inspector Clip, Track or Output effects inserts?

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There is a red icon in the Speaker Configuration area which indicates that the small dial is turned above 0dB.

On Mac you can Command/Click on it to snap it back to ZERO. I’m not sure what the Windows version of that is.


Yes indeed… @CipheredDesigns I did already mention this in my post above where I wrote:

You could also try checking the Master section Speaker configuration Gain control.

Omg you are right! That did the trick! Ctrl+Click in Windows

Thank you so much Justin and Stingray for your help :grinning: :cowboy_hat_face:

Now I can finally finish my work!!

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Great that you got it sorted! It’s a tiny detail and easy to miss.

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It’s way too easy to accidentally change that dial with an accidental scroll while mousing around. And dangerous.

I suggest making sure all the Speaker Configuration dials are set to 0.0 and then hiding that section so it can’t be accidentally changed:


Yes, absolutely…! I guess I would have searched for this tiny dial forever without your help.
Now its hidden :smiley:
Thanks again guys!

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