Cannot move / reorder tracks

Started building a template for Iconica Sketch and after creating all the tracks, I couldn’t reorder or move them inside groups anymore.

Opening the same project in C12 works as expected. (3.2 MB)

I also now realize, that after creating a midi event, I cannot drag it either, neither copy it to another track.
It’s all stuck for some reason.

I tried locking / unlocking the track just in case some state was inconsistent, but it didn’t help either.


I load your project and I can change the tracks order. I tried to re-save your project. Please find it attached. I hope it helps. (3.2 MB)

Becoming weirder by the minute…

If I add another instrument track that’s not Halion, for ex, Retrologue, things starts working again.
If I delete Retrologue (or even changing the instrument back to Halion) it all goes back to not working.

Thanks Martin!
I have the same problem with your version as well.
Maybe important to mention that I’m using Windows.


I’m sorrry.

Could you try to File > Back up Project and open the newely created project, please?

That’s very Interesting indeed!.
Saving a backup version did actually work!.

Attaching the new (backed up) project in case you could spot any difference that could help understand why this happens. (3.3 MB)

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The original project was 6.4MB, the new one is 6.6MB. There is the Harp track, which wasn’t there before. This is the only difference I can see. Sorry.

Thanks for looking into it!

Yes, Indeed I added the harp as I was continuiing building the template, but I was still facing the same issue.

Anyway, thanks for you help!, I’ll update here if it happens again.

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