Cannot name tracks

OK its driving me mad. Since I updated to cubase 11, I can only name tracks by opening the mixer and naming them there, after creating a new track. I can not name them in the normal way in the track list after creation. It seems to be a bug but people I speak to haven’t had the same issue. Please help?

Just to check - the ‘normal way’ is selecting the track then double-clicking on the track name, either in the main area or in the Inspector?

sorry yes it is

Have you started Cubase in Safe mode and then see if you can name the tracks the normal way?

I’ll try that thanks, but if I can what does that mean?

It would mean something could be corrupted.

If it works properly in Safe Mode, then I would trash your preferences, let Cubase re-build, and check it again. If all is good, then slowly and carefully replace your custom preferences with what you had before trashing.

An alternative to slowly and carefully replacing your custom preferences would be to start fresh once Cubase re-builds. Of course this usually takes more time.