Cannot open 2 edit windows at the same time.

I pressed the “e” icon of for example my kick drum track.
It opens. Then I want to open my bassline track edit window next to it, to see the frequency etc. Of both tracks. Cubase closes the kick drum edit window and opens bassline. If I press the kick, then it closes bassline. window.

How can I prevent this?

I want to keep both open at same time because I am making EQ adjustments to both and see the frequency levels and it just makes working easier.

However, if I insert EQ plugin, frequency for example, to both tracks ican open both tracks frequency plugins side to side.

The problem is with the edit window.


In the Channel Settings window click to the Functions Menu (arrow) button, and disable “Follow ‘e’ buttons or selection changes”. Then click to the “e” button of the next track. If you want to show 3 Channel Settings windows, you have to disable the option in the 2nd window again. It’s always enabled once you open the window.