Cannot open 32bit float files

I just purchased a Sound Devices MixPre-6 II and made a couple of test 2-channel recordings at 32bit float, 96khz. When I drag them both into the file group window, I see an empty waveform with a red overlay and the message “The file cannot be found”. If I try dragging them in individually or open them from the file dialog, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

This is using Wavelab 9.5 on Windows 10.

So I spoke with a tech at Sound Devices and the files their new recorders use is a PolyWav file, which contains multiple tracks encoded into a single wav file. I was actually able to successfully open the file using the import function but the file does not open correctly. Wavelab interprets the four tracks (L, R, and 2 ISO) as a single 2 channel track at 192khz. Is there any way to get PolyWav files on the road map, at least as a file that can be successfully imported? Right now with the import unknown file type there is only the choice of selecting a Mono, or Stereo file. It would be nice if Wavelab could determine how many tracks are embedded and allow the user to choose which to open.

It’s being discussed.

But I wondered, what are the 2 ISO?

Good to hear that others are interested. Regarding the 2 ISO channels, these are the individual (isolated) channels. The L,R channels are basically a mixdown of all channels being recorded to a stereo pair. Seems redundant if you’re just recording stereo anyway. A workaround for this is to not arm any of the channels you are recording, and that way you just get the ISO channels. Seems counter-intuitive to me, but hey, it works. If I do that, I can open the files in Wavelab.