Cannot open C8 in 32 bit OSX

Even though I have “Open In 32 Bit Mode” checked in the Get Info box, C8 will not open in 32 bit.

I’ve repaired permissions, trashed preferences, etc., but still stuck in 64.

Any suggestions are appreciated- thanks

Aloha b,

Just the opposite for me.

With Cubase ‘au natural’ using ‘built-in audio’ and no 3rd party nuthin’,
C8P opens just fine in 32 bit mode but
only opens about once every 3-4 times
in 64 bit mode.

And I (like you) am still using 10.9.

Hard to figure this one.

That being said, once C8 is open it is smooth and solid.
Not one crash under heavy loads even with 3rd party stuff.

But I cannot use C8P in front of clients yet till this ‘crash on opening thang’ gets solved.

Good Luck!

I’ve encountered this. It’s like the “Open in 32 bit mode” checkbox in Get Info menu is randomly ignored. It’s like opening a box of Forrest Gump chocolates.

Ha- thanks guys… I haven’t committed to C8 yet so I just reinstalled and can now run it in 32, but it’s still a mystery…