Cannot open Cubase elements 12 anymore

I’m not able to open my Cubase 12 LE elements. A message tells me that my trying version pro has expired though I bought a Elements version.
Nothing of my 2 activated versions of elements appear on my account. 1 on MacOs and the other on Windows. What is the solution ???


Do you have Cubase Elements 12 license? Could you attach screenshot of the Steinberg Activation Manager, please?

Thanks for answering.
I don’t understand anything.
I bought a license and ai’m not able to find my license anymore. Nothing appears on my account. I don’t understand.

And assistant downloader doesn’t work, I posted about this.


Are you sure, you are logged in with the correct MySteinberg account, please?

Excuse me.
I used a bad mail adress.
But I don’t find how to connect with the good one.
I’m gonna try again.
Excuse me for inconvenience.


I think you can logout directly from the Steinberg Activation Manager. If not, you can do it within the web browser.

All is OK
Many thanks and forgive me, it was stupid.
My cubase 12 runs nrmally after reactivate.
But my download assistant doesn’t work on my Mac. I will verify if this is the same reason, but I don’t think.