Cannot open Cubase project

I cannot open my own projects just a few days after I’ve created them. My Cubase locks in the “loading MixConsole” state.
I’m using Cubase Artist 9.0.3
Sincerely Flemming


Most of the time, this is a plug-in issue. Try to remove all plug-ins from your plug-in folder, and load the project, please.

Going through the same.
I’m finding it’s Cubase Calling out to Explorer that crash-freezes the program.
Try my work-a-round:
Don’t open your project from within Cubase by clicking OPEN OTHER or FILE/OPEN;
Instead, go outside the program directly to your computer folders. Find your project folder, and double click the project file. It will launch Cubase or simply open in Cubase if Cubase is already open in the background.
For me, any attempt to use windows explorer from within Cubase crash-freezes the program
Until they fix it, this is my work-a-round.