Cannot open Dorico 3 (New Install)


I’m having serious issues getting Dorico 3.1 installed using my iMac 5k (Late 2014) on OS 10.14.6.

I originally tried installing using the Steinberg Download Assistant, but after installing that the logo appears at the bottom when I open it, bounces a few times and then vanishes. I have re-installed it multiple times, restarted the computer, but it still doesn’t open the download assistant.

As a workaround, I downloaded the sounds and the 3.1 installer (not the update file) from the website, and it all seemed to install fine. I have the latest version of eLicenser Control Center (v. and entered my activation code in there, transferring the licence over to my USB eLicenser.

I’ve tried different USB ports, the dongle is showing in the eLicenser Control Center and works flawlessly for VEPro, and Dorico Pro 3 is listed as one of my licenses. Removing the e-Licenser and loading Dorico takes me immediately to ‘No license was found. Click Enter Activation Code to launch…’ etc. The Activation Code button doesn’t work unless the USB is plugged in, so I plug it in and the dongle shows up in e-Licenser Control Center fine again.

If it’s the first time I’m loading Dorico after a reboot, the popup loading graphic says it’s trying to load ‘Dorico Pro 3’ as expected, and in the bottom left of the popup it says ‘Loading Audio Engine’. If it’s the second time I’m trying to load it up after force quitting the application, it says ‘Attached to Audio Engine’, but then doesn’t do anything. After a while, the message changes to ‘Audio Engine Timeout’. In Activity Monitor, VST Audio Engine is not responding, and there are a few other VST scanner processes running but they don’t have errors next to them.

I’ve uninstalled Dorico multiple times and it’s always the same.

Whatever I do, I can’t get Dorico to load.

Any ideas?

So Dorico 3 trial was working find on my MacBook Pro (10.14.6) and I noticed that when I opened the software without my SSD (which has waves licences on it and is currently connected to the iMac), I was getting popups saying the licences couldn’t be found. If I click ignore, it boots up the trial no problem.

I thought I’d just do a test by ejecting all external drives (including the SSD with the waves licences and where I store all my projects), and suddenly Dorico launches fine on my iMac. Only problem is now I don’t have any of my files accessible… will continue troubleshooting!

Sorry to hear you’re having problems. I guess the issue is going to be related to one or more of the VST plug-ins you have installed on your Mac. You might try moving them all out of the way temporarily and then putting them back a chunk at a time to see whether you can pin down the one or ones that are causing Dorico to bomb out. Before you do that, also worth doing Help > Create Diagnostic Report from Dorico, which will create a zip file on your desktop called Dorico, and uploading that here: hopefully it will contain some clues as to what was causing Dorico to die on start-up before as well.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the advice. It’s loading fine at the moment (having initially ejected all my disks). As you say, I suspect it was a compatibility issue with Waves - I don’t think any of my other plugins are housed on external drives, but I can’t say for certain.

I’ve also deleted a couple of old trial plugins which were in the relevant component/VST folders on my iMac, as these were disabled for Logic and the pop-ups asking for my licenses weren’t showing up when booting Dorico.

Let me know if the report pulls up any useful info!
Dorico (369 KB)

Your logs show Dorico refusing a large number of VST2.x plug-ins, which makes sense, because it will only load VST2.x plug-ins that have been explicitly whitelisted. Nothing looks especially out of the ordinary in there. If you encounter any other problems, let us know.