cannot open Inspector sections


I’ve been using Cubase AI 7 for several years but have this new problem. I can’t open up the Inspector sections on the left. I see them listed - Chord Track, MIDI, etc. all the way down to Notepad. But when I click on one, it doesn’t open up.

While I have had for several years, this is a new installation after I bought a new pc. I’ve never had this problem before.

Please advise. Thanks.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Hi Martin,

I figured out that it’s MODO Bass VST. I uninstalled it and now I can access the inspector sections again. Knowing that, how can I make this work?

I have XLN Audio VSTs which work fine. I “Add Instrument” and they work fine. But Modo Bass didn’t work like that. I had to go to Device/VST Instruments and select Modo Bass from there, and then it would also add a MIDI channel. Does that matter?


What I mean is, when I “Add Instrument” for Modo Bass, the window appeared but when I hit my keyboard it didn’t make any sound. How can I make that work?

I used to have that problem about once per month when I was using Cubase 7.x artist with Windows 8.x.

It was a known problem and the fix was to soft boot the computer, ctrl-alt-del and select restart. That sequence always fixed it for me.