Cannot open MIDI editor

Hi -

I’m running Mavericks, n12 with 2.73 tools, Cubase 7.0.6

n12 drivers work in Mac settings and in Cubase. When I double click on any MIDI track, the editor won’t open.

The editor window is not hidden behind the mixer or the tracks window. This is also the case with audio tracks.

Do I have a driver issue or settings?

I’ve never seen this behavior in any version of Cubase I’ve used.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not a Mac dude, but on windows there are cases where the screen resizing (like play a lower resolution video game) leaves the editor “off screen”, even though the screen has reverted to the regular resolution. On windows you can use the Alt+spacbar to get control of the window and use the arrow keys to bring it back. I have no idea on a Mac, or if this even applies.


there were two instance of Cubase 7 running and somehow the MIDFI editor wouldn’t open on the #2 instance but ran fine on the #1 instance.

Just for good measure I did a restart and the issue is gone.

cool, I was just taking a stab … glad you got it working.

Aloha guys,

Just to chime in.

I believe that this thread shows why Steiny decided
(almost four years ago now) to combine the PC/Mac forums.

Theses days it is less about the platforms, and more about the Cubase programme itself.

Even as a Mac user, when I sit in front of a PC running Cubase,
I am right at home with lil or no probs.

Cubase rocks in any universe.