Cannot open my Cubase 6 - help?

I had bought an upgrade to Cubase Studio 5 - Cubase 6
It worked fine for several days - but suddenly the program instead of opening returns error message
Skin file ‘skin’ not found! - and Could not load GUI resources! - and then it closes down.
I suppose it had something to do with my e-licence - but in the contol center it says full licence for cubase 6.
I had this problem since I tried to uninstall Cubase Studio 5 - I thought when it had its own logo as a program I could uninstall it —
How do I get it to work again?

Re-install e-license.

Thanks - I have uninstalled cubase 5+6 and reinstalled Cubase 6 and cleared the regyistry -
That worked - it seems that its not good to have two skins -
Now its working.

But having a thick one is :wink: