Cannot open my project file

Before anyone says its Vsts, I dont really care. My vsts are in the correct folders and this doesnt happen on any other daw. Before anyone says “did you try in safe mode?” Yes, I have and I dont want to use safe mode.

These forums are rediculous and just the fact that its endless responses without a solution proves that this is an internal thing that people cant help.

I just cant open my projects without it opening the program (the toolbar) but nothing else being loaded, and then have to end the task with ctrl alt delete and repeating.

It goes through the whole stage of loading everything in the load window but when its done nothing shows up.

Have you tried to fully wipe out cubase from your system ?
and what do you use ? PC or Mac?

Yes I have and I have a pc

Hi @Jeremy_Langdon ,

sorry to hear your project file seems to be corrupted. Would you mind sharing it with me as a ZIP file via wetransfer in PM?


I’m not sure how I would do that, how would I do that?

You can either send me the CPR itself or the entire project, although we usually favor minimal amount of data exchange. Please compress in ZIP format. Then you can upload this on wetransfer and send me the link via PM by clicking on my profile picture.

When this has happened to me I open a project that I know will open. Keeping it open I then open the problem project but I DO NOT activate it. Then I close the first project and activate the problem project.

I dont know what you mean by activate, I cant even open the problem one so that wont work

ok sent

I bumped a problematic project that wouldn’t open last night. It just went into an endless loop of tracks opening and needed Task Manager to close Cubase.

To get around it I created a new blank project then used the ‘Import Tracks From Project’ function to bring in the tracks (one by one, saving the project each time if you have the patience) until you bump the probelmatic track.

In my case it was a Maschine track that caused the problem. Can’t figure out what the issue is, but at least I have the rest of the project available.

That’s the way I do it for what it’s worth …

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Sorry I didn’t explain completely. In Cubase you can have TWO projects open but only the first one will be “activated” (the lightning symbol in the upper left of the screen).

  1. Open a project you know works. Do not close it.
  2. Navigate to File > Open and open the problem project. Cubase will ask you if you want to activate the file. Say no.
  3. Go to the project that you opened first and close it.
  4. If necessary hit the “activate” button in the upper left of the screen (the lightning icon) to activate the problem project.

This has worked time and again for me. Here is a video that explains it all: