Cannot open old projects after upgrade to 10.5

When I try to open projects from 10.5 artist I only get a short flash and the project files are not visible in the project folder any more - until I restart cubase, and the same thing happens again. I use windows 10, 64 bit.


Hi and welcome,

What do you mean by “project folder”, please?

Can you see the Project window?

After starting Cubase I go to File, Open, and then I go to the right folder and click on the project (*.cpr) file. And the file seems to “disappear.” I have tried to create a new project, and then open the file (File, Open) but the same thing happens.


Sorry, I still don’t understand it. What do you mean by “the file seems to disappear”? The CPR file? So instead of opening the file it is deleted on the system level?

Or do you mean the Project window doesn’t appear? Maybe video screen would help in this case.

Sorry for my bad explanation. Here is a printscreen - before and after I have tried to open the project file.


I don’t see, what kind of files are these. I even don’t see, what folder is it. The only one thing I can see is, all these are aliases, not the source files itself.

*.bak files are just a backup files, which are not necessary and might be deleted if everything is going OK.

Post a better resolution screenshot and also enable windows explorer to show file extensions.

I hope theese screenshots have a better resolution, and they show the file extensions.

One of those windows is for Open Project, the other is for Set Project Folder - These are two different functions and Set Project Folder doesn’t display files, only folders.

It looks like in one case you are Opening a project and in the other a New one is being created and cubase is asking for you to set where the project should be.

What happens if, without running Cubase at all, you use Windows File Explorer and simply double click the *.cpr file to open the project?

I tried to do that, Cubase opened, and the same Set Projec folder.


This Set Project folder comes in if the project doesn’t come from this computer originally and Cubase is not sure, where should the Audio folder be, so where should Cubase store the audio files.

There are no files presented in this case, because you are asking to open an folder, so the files are not relevant in this case. But the files are still present in the system.

The project comes from this computer, but the folder has been moved. Can I do anything to open my project file?

When the Set Folder window pops up, you just navigate through and select the folder where the project are located.


…where the audio files are located.

Thank you!
I have no audio files in the project, so I did not imagine I could open the project by choosing the audio folder.


You are not asking to open the project. The “Set Project Folder” asks you to set, the path of the project. Just select the folder and click OK.

…Actually, you are probably right, the project folder, not the Audio files.