Cannot open project on other Mac

Hello everybody, i have strange thing on my Mac Books Pro with Nuendo 11. Since a while i cannot open one of my projects on the other Mac while i copy the whole project folder over. I also tried to backup, and then open from there, no success. It just hangs (program not responding) after the project file loaded. It just freezes at this dialog box, only can force quit. No error, just hangs. No issues on the “source” Mac, works as expected.

The installation is the same, same Nuendo version, same plugins etc., same audio device etc… I already tried cleanup the project as much as possible.

It was never an issue with other projects. Just seeing that this project file is much bigger than others, 40MB, the other are around 8MB. I also tried to “save as”, no success.

I’m thankful for any other hints where i can look at to get this working… Any ideas?
Btw., both Macs still Big Sur.

Thank you very much! Cheers, Stef

Hello there, I had another idea to look at, and it was exactly this… On one of the audio tracks I could “Make direct offline editing permanent”.

This made the project file small again, 7MB, and I could open the project again on the travel Mac with no issues.

Could be that something is missing while just copy the projects folder… don’t know.

Nevertheless, thank you. Cheers.