Cannot open project with a missing file in pool

Hi! I have a strange problem, I think: I work with a project located in a dropboxfolder. I have smart sync activated for Dropbox (at the moment I cannot change this to download everything) And one of my Cubase projects that I need to work with wrongly has a file in the pool in a different folder in dropbox that doesn’t exist anymore. When I try to open the project, dropbox tries to download the file but cannot find it, since it does not, and should not, exist. The problem is that Cubase then, instead of just saying that the file is missing, stops responding and doesn’t open the project.
I do not know the specific place where the missing file should be located, if I did I could just create a different wav there I guess.

So my question would be: Is it possible to change or look at the content in the pool of a project without opening the project?

I use Cubase pro 10 on a MacBook 16" with macOS Catalina

Copy the content of your dropbox to another location and open the project from there.
Dropbox and Cubase is not a good mix, i suggest working from another location and use a way to sync that to Dropbox instead.

Ah, good trick! It didn’t solve the problem though, since the missing file still is referring to a folder on dropbox (it’s not pointing at a missing file in the audio folder for this project, but for a different)