Cannot open tracks in cubase 6.5

Hi everybody.

When I double click on a track with my mouse it will not open the track to view the audio or the midi notes. My mouse seems to work on the rest of the project window.


Could you please clarify what you mean by “track”?
Where are you double clicking in the project window?

Thanks for the reply.

When I Click on a Midi Track it opens to show me the key editor but when I click on an audio track it won’t open so that I can edit the audio. This problem has just started to occur. Its like the track is frozen but it isn’t.


It’s odd that it’s only happening on audio tracks.
Is it just one track or all of them?
Is it just the one project?
What OS are you running?

First thing I’d make sure of is that you don’t have any plugin windows hiding behind the main window.
That may prevent double-click from working.

Thanks for your time.

It only started happening last week. I am running Windows 7. There are no other things open in the window. Its all of them but sometimes if I keep trying they open.

Maybe the audio window is out of screen area… :question:

The audio window is not out of view, however, I have now discovered that I can open audio tracks when the project window is maximized but can’t when it is reduced in size, I can open midi tracks when the project window is maximized and reduced. Wierd! Have i got a setting on that is causing this.