Cannot Pan mono-audio track hard right. The audio disappears

Hey guys,

I am really hoping someone here is able to help me out.
Being a Pro Tools user for over 14 years I’ve made the switch to Cubase 12 pro.
However, I came across this problem that prevents me from moving forward.
Whenever I record guitar (or anything else) on a Mono- audio track it won’t let me Pan hard right. When I pan it hard right the sound disappears. I can only pan the track center or to the left.

I’ve tested many other possibilities as far as recoring mono tracks, all giving the same issues. No panning to the right-side. Also I tried it again in Pro Tools which worked well.

I am using a Focusrite 6i6, Windows PC and Cubase 12 pro.
As far as I know all routing seems to be in order. I have no other issues at all. Recording (mono) tracks etc all works fine so I’m terribly lost here.

Hope someome can help me solve this highly annoying issue I’m experiencing.


What is the input routing of the channel in question?

Guitar goes into 1 of 4 inputs on the audio interface.
In Cubase the signal is routed to a Mono-In bus (I made 4 mono- In busses, one for each input on the interface).

Do you have a stereo plugin inserted on the mono audio track? I’ve fallen into that trap before.

I have found and solved the issue guys. It was nothing Cubase related.
Inside the Focusrite Control manager, the DAW playback channel was somehow set to only one output channel. When selecting 2 output channels the panning issue was directly solved.

Thank you