Cannot pan my drums ! not showing each instrument (kick, snare etc)

i’m using FUNKY CHICKEN drums with patterns, and when i go into MIXER /AGENT, i am not seeing the drum parts. I see columns which show BUS 1, BUS 2 …etc…
The video i see on youtube, shows each column as kick, snare …etc
Maybe its not possible with my drum choice ? It’s too funky ??? Is it the chicken’s problem ?.
I am sure i have seen the proper columns in previous projects

I assume you’re expecting to see something like this:

Instead of this:

The first screenshot is from an Acoustic Agent kit, which has an advanced pre-configured mixer, required by how Acoustic Agent layers samples for a more realistic sound. When you play a snare for example, you’re not just playing a single snare sample, you’re playing sounds from different mics together: snare bottom, snare top, overheads, room… Lots of elements are connected.

The second screenshot is from a Beat Agent kit. These are based on simpler pre-processed or electronic drum samples where each element is almost completely independent from each other, like a classic drum machine.

…now, if you’re not talking about this and you’re just asking about the bus names, they’re up to the sound designer. You can rename Beat Agent mixer busses if you need to.


and thanks for the superb answer !!!
i will dl the proper manual and RTFM……
i did have a manual awhile ago… and had a problem getting the styles to work…. didn’t understand it properly ?
maybe i should check youtube for that.
but i appreciate your response and my embarrassment is slowly wearing off lol

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