Cannot paste audio in waveform display

System: iMac 27" Retina 4K (late 2015), 32GB RAM, OSX El Capitan (current version), Cubase Pro 8.5.15, build 126 (64-bit).

I am a long-time Cubase user and have typically been able to adjust audio event offsets (to correct timing) in the waveform editor by simply cutting a small slice from the beginning or end of the audio recording and pasting it to the opposite end of the audio event, depending on whether I need to shift the event forward or backward in time. I know there are other methods for doing this in Cubase, but this has proven to be a quick and efficient technique for me. In Cubase 8.5, I am able to cut audio, but I get the mouse-error-beep when I try to paste the audio. I am doing so within the audio event window, and within the measure boundaries where the event was recorded. I have also tried moving the event-start marker before or after the location where I am trying to paste; and also turned off snap-quantize, but it makes no difference. So in short I can cut but cannot paste audio. Did Cubase 8 change this function or default to some other type of restrictions for audio editing? I’m baffled.

…Trying again and have found this to be an apparent bug in the software. I say this because I have been able to get the “CUT” function to work every time, but the “PASTE” function (into the same audio clip window - at a different place in the waveform) only works part of the time. I experimented with the buttons labeled, “Show Audio Events” and “Edit Active Audio Event Only” by turning them on and off during copy/paste. Various combinations resulted in a successful paste (of a tiny bit of audio) before or after the cut-point; however, while repeating the procedure, sometimes it would work and other times it would simple 'beep" - i.e. ‘Paste’ was greyed out on the Edit menu.

So essentially, copy/paste SHOULD work every time, at will, and not require some specific button-toggle combination, but does not. I have pored through the user manual and not found any chapter on cutting and pasting sections of an audio waveform. If anyone has found this, please post the info on where in the manual it can be found. Strange such a basic editing function was not properly tested. A big waste of my production time to say the least.